Coleção CLE Vol. 75 - Crossing Oceans

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Crossing over time:  The place of chemical studies in early             

modern trees of knowledge    

Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb, Márcia H.M. Ferraz & Sílvia Waisse


Charles Sanders Peirce and experimental science                           

Maria de Lourdes Bacha


Popularizing chemistry in the early nineteenth-century:

Samuel Parkes and his Chemical Catechism                                

José Otávio Baldinato & Paulo Alves Porto


Science, colonialism and indigenous pharmaceutical

companies in Colonial Bengal: An East - West endeavor           

Malika Basu-Ghosh


Reconsidering the idea of quintessence through the

analysis of Renaissance texts on distillation                               

Maria Helena Roxo Beltran & Fumikazu Saito


On Lonergan’s philosophy of knowing and historical insights                 

Fábio Maia Bertato


Musical knowledge in the history of Atalanta fugiens                           

Carla Bromberg


Contradictions in reasoning: an evil or a blessing?                        

Walter A. Carnielli, Marcelo E. Coniglio & Abílio Rodrigues


Proposing texture and presenting paradoxes in elements:

two steps and one purpose                                                          

Kleber Cecon


Crossing borders: medical ideas in late medieval

non-medical areas                                                                         

Floriano Jonas Cesar


The transmission of the Voltaic battery                                       

Hasok Chang


250 years of Vicente Seabra, the first modern Brazilian

chemist: intellectual influences, beliefs, and achievements          

Carlos A. L. Filgueiras


Construction of documents and memories of the Brazilian

chemical community: life stories and institutionalization of

science in the 20th century                                                             

Andrea Paula dos Santos Oliveira Kamensky


Epistemic and ontological reality of the elements for Robert Boyle 

Conleth Loonan


Filing or taxonomy: the case of Li Shizhen (1518-1593)                        

Georges Métailié


The development of industrial chemistry at the National

Medical Institute (1904-1915): The study of Mexican medicinal


Liliana Schifter & Patricia Aceves


Historians and their data                                                              

Stephen P. Weldon





Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb; Walter A. Carnielli; Hasok Chang; Marcia H. M. Ferraz; José Luiz Goldfarb e Sílvia Waisse
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